Every high school girl dreams of attending their prom and wanting to be the belle of the ball. Dresshaute a local bridal and special occasion boutique in Oakdale, PA decided to create the Ultimate Prom Giveaway to a local girl who was not able to attend their prom due to financial constraints. They partnered with local businesses to provide that one girl an amazing experience. DressHaute was providing the custom design dress, jewelry, shoes, tuxedo, Caruso Hair and Esthetics in Bridgeville providing her hair, makeup and nails, Sun Club tanning in Bridgeville will give her that beautiful glow, Petal Pushers will provide the flowers, dinner for two at Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Pittsburgh, PA and classic limousines will drive them to the prom. Lastly there will be a professional photographer Sergey Polstyanoy. This is the Ultimate Prom Package for any Prom girl total value 1200.00. 


2018 Winner


Hannah Taylor

Hi my name is Hannah Taylor a senior in Biomedical Technology at Lenape Technical School in Ford City. I heard about this contest on the radio and thinking nothing of it i decided to enter. I was working 2 jobs at one point in time but I needed to worry about school a bit more than work. I wanted to win the ultimate prom giveaway because I wasnt sure if I was going to go to prom for my senior year. I didnt really have the money to buy a new dress and I didn't want my mom to worry about buying one for me as we are on a tight budget. But as I read some of the amazing thing I could win while entering the contest it gave me flashbacks to when I was a little girl and thinking that everyone will get a limo to prom....well lets face it not many people do. Winning this ultimate prom giveaway would make my one of my senior and childhood dreams come true. After prom and graduation I plan on continuing my some of my dreams and go to college and become a Registered Nurse.


2017 Winner


Erin Gregio

Erin a senior from Butler High school entered the Ultimate Prom Giveaway on 100.7 the Bubba show in hopes to be that one lucky girl. Erin submitted her story and won the Ultimate Prom Package, wow her prom dreams just came true. Everything was going as planned and one week away from her Prom, Erin called the owner of Dresshaute and told her to have a seat because she had bad news. Erin told Carrie Ann that her boyfriend who was her date will not take her and will not return her calls. The ultimate prom package came with everything to make her the belle of the ball but one minor issue it didn't come with a date. With that disappointing news Carrie Ann told Erin not to worry that she will have a date for the prom and she will get to attend her Senior Prom. Carrie Ann called her cousin Kieran who is a Senior at West Allegheny High School and asked him if he was busy next Friday night. She told him the story and he said cuz I would be happy to take her to the prom. The excitement when Carrie Ann told Erin was amazing and the Ultimate Prom package now included the date too!!! The only criteria Erin had was he had to be taller then 5ft tall and good looking. Well Kieran is 6'4 and attending Colorado State University in the summer to play football, so I had the 5ft tall criteria covered and also the good looking part.