Have you been loved by DressHaute? DressHaute believes every woman should feel confident, and beautiful in their own skin. The LuvYourself campaign is one that lets people express themselves no matter what shape or size they might be. DressHaute took the LuvYourself campaign to the streets of downtown Pittsburgh to see what the public had to say. We interviewed multiple people asking them what makes them beautiful in their own special way!  Each person expressed new ideas and views on their own confidence. Everyone struggles with insecurities, but we at DressHaute would like to remind everyone of their true beauty. You have been #Luved by DressHaute!

Want to share your story and let others know what makes you beautiful?

By using #LUVYourself and posting on any social media, feel free to talk about what makes you feel LOVED! We would love to hear more about you and your beautiful self - so don't be shy, we all have something to feel beautiful about!


DressHaute celebrates women and their beauty. At this event, we showcased beautiful unique dresses. DressHaute believes that every woman should feel beautiful in their skin. Therefore, we have designed dresses to make everyone feel special. At this event, custom gowns worn by women of different shapes and sizes showed off each women's unique beauty. Here is a closer look at the one-of-a-kind dress shown at the Hilton Garden Inn located in Pittsburgh, PA. Always remember - It's important to LUV YOURSELF.